Best Soundbar Under 5000 in India (December 2022)

Best Soundbar Under 5000

Best Soundbar Under Rs 5000: Friends, while watching a movie, music, or any show on TV at home, the fun often gets spoiled due to the sound quality. Although TV makers are also constantly trying to improve the in-built speaker, they are still not able to offer strong sound quality.

So, if you are looking for a soundbar to experience cinema within your budget at home, then buying a soundbar is a very good option for you. 

In today’s article, we are giving information about Best Soundbar for Your Budget.

Are You In Hurry? Then Check This Soundbar Under Rs 5000

Are you in a hurry? And if you want to get the best Soundbar Under 5000 for yourself without looking at any review or description, then we have brought a Soundbar for you which can prove to be very good for you. The Soundbar we are talking about is the Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 3900 which costs Rs 4,699 on Amazon.

Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 3900

Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR 3900
  • Wireless BT/USB/AUX/Coaxial IN/HDMI(ARC)
  • 13.3cm Subwoofer
  •  Remote control
  • LED Display
  • Wall mountable
  • Volume/Media control
  • External power adapter

Important Things Before Buying Soundbar

  • Soundbar size
  • Connection to TV and other devices.
  • Remote and wireless control.
  • Brand value

So let’s look at some best soundbars under Rs 5000.

Best Soundbar Under 5000

Best Soundbars Under 5000 In India
Names of SoundbarPriceBuying Link
Mi Soundbar₹4,999Buy Now
Instaplay INSTA500BT Soundbar₹5066Buy Now
Portronics Sound Sleek II POR-936 Soundbar₹3,999Buy Now
F&D T180X 2.0 TV Soundbar (Second Best Soundbar Under ₹5000) ₹4,999Buy Now
iBall Sound Bar BT10₹3,095Buy Now
boAt AAVANTE Bar Soundbar₹ 5499Buy Now
Zeb-Juke Bar 3900₹4699Buy Now
Itel Soundbar₹ 4374Buy Now

1. Mi Soundbar

Mi Soundbar
Model Name‎Mi Soundbar
Dimensions‎83 x 7.2 x 8.7 cm; 1.92 Kilograms
Batteries‎1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Special FeaturesBluetooth
Speaker ConnectivityWireless
Connector TypeWireless Bluetooth
Weight1 kg 920 g

Mi Soundbar is the best soundbar under Rs. 5000 because Mi Soundbar can be a great companion for your budget.

The Frequency range of its speakers is from 50 Hz to 25,000Hz.  It is easy to install and is light-weighted.

Its sound quality is really great as it can fill the room with crystal clear sound or loud music. 

Talking about its connectivity, it has high-speed Bluetooth, AUX and many other connectivity options to connect with your device. You can mount it on the wall or table as per your choice.

Talking about its price, it comes in the market at Rs 4999. It is also available on Amazon for the same price.

2. Instaplay INSTA500BT Soundbar

Instaplay INSTA500BT Soundbar
Model Name‎INSTA500BT
Dimensions96.01 x 11 x 10.01 cm; 1.7 Kilograms
Power SourceCorded Electric
Special Features‎Remote control
Speaker ConnectivityWireless
Connector Type‎Wireless, Bluetooth, Auxiliary
Weight1 kg 700 g

Instaplay INSTA500BT Soundbar is the best Chipest soundbar under ₹5000. Its specialty is that it has an inbuilt equalizer for treble and bass.

This soundbar is capable of producing up to 60 watts of sound, which is actually much more than other soundbars. It comes with a 3.5 mm aux jack, which is also compatible with your smartphone. It provides a very good cinematic experience to the users who use it. 

Talking about its price, it comes at a price of Rs 4490 which offers a lot more features than any other device that comes in this range.

3. Portronics Sound Sleek II POR-936 Soundbar

Portronics Sound Sleek II POR-936 Soundbar
Model Name‎Sound Slick
Dimensions95.6 x 7.3 x 7.2 cm; 1.8 Kilograms
Batteries‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required
Special Features‎Buttons on its body are conveniently located and easy to operate. It is available in elegant black color with great finish.
Speaker ConnectivityWireless
Connector Type‎Wireless, Bluetooth, Auxiliary, Usb
Manufacturer‎Shenzhen Worldcell Ltd
Weight1 kg 800 g

Portronics Sound Sleek II POR-936 under ₹5000 is the best Bluetooth 4.2 supported soundbar providing a very high quality audio of amazing 40 Watts stereo sound.

It is very easy to operate and offers various features like buttons. It has various connectivity options including Bluetooth, AUX and USB.

Talking about its look, apart from the premium look, it is of black color with great finishing. It is heavier than other soundbars, weighing in at over 1.8Kg.

And if we talk about its price, then it is much cheaper than other soundbars, it is available in the market at a price of Rs. 3699. In case of less budget, feel free to go for this soundbar.

4. F&D T180X 2.0 TV Soundbar (Best Soundbar Under ₹5k)

&D T180X 2.0 TV Soundbar
Model Name‎IT180X
Dimensions102.4 x 13.9 x 12.8 cm; 2.9 Kilograms
Special FeaturesSD Card
Speaker Connectivity‎AUX, USB, RCA, Bluetooth
Connector Type‎Bluetooth, USB
Weight2 kg 900 g

This F&D T180X 2.0 TV Soundbar is one of the best soundbars under 5000 Rupees.

This soundbar comes with a Bluetooth connection of more than ten meters range. The power capacity of this soundbar is 40 Watts RMS.

Talking about its looks, it is a rich black colored device with a classy looking plastic body. The front speakers are protected by a cloth grille. It comes at a price of Rs 4999 with a year warranty.

5. iBall Sound Bar BT10

iBall Sound Bar BT10
Model Name‎BT10
Dimensions‎96 x 16.51 x 14.99 cm; 2.4 Kilograms
Batteries‎2 AAA batteries required.
Speaker ConnectivityWired
Connector TypeAuxiliary, USB
Weight‎2 kg 400 g

Its amazing sound quality fills your room or area with cinematic sound. The product gives you the impression of a better experience watching movies, listening to music or playing your favorite games.

iBall is known to be a brand that offers great quality at very affordable prices. The speakers in this soundbar get an output of 80 watts. It comes at a price of Rs 3095 which is very less in comparison with other soundbars. This sound bar is one of the best soundbar under Rs 5000.

6. boAt AAVANTE Bar Soundbar

boAt AAVANTE Bar Soundbar
Model Name‎Aavante Bar 1160
Dimensions‎7.8 x 90 x 7 cm; 2 Kilograms
ManufacturerImagine Marketing Ltd
Weight‎2 kg

It is available on Amazon at Rs. 5499 with 64%off.boAt AAVANTE Bar soundbar is made of premium design, which is controlled with the help of a remote. The quality of its sound bar will enhance the visual experience manifold.

It is a device with wireless connectivity. The AAVANTE Bar 1190 has boAt Signature Sound which has a power of 40W. You can enjoy multiple modes like News, Movie, Music and 3D through this soundbar.

7. Zeb-Juke Bar 3900

Zeb-Juke Bar 3900
Model‎ZEB-JUKE BAR 3900
Model Name‎Zebronics Zeb-JUKEBAR
Dimensions‎17.3 x 98.5 x 40.2 cm; 4.8 Kilograms
Special Features‎Subwoofer, Remote Control
Speaker Connectivity‎Wireless BT/USB/AUX/Coaxial IN/HDMI(ARC)
Connector TypeWireless
Weight4 kg 800 g

Actual Price:- ₹ 11990 (61% off)

Zeb-Juke Bar 3900 from Zebronics packs two powerful 5.7cm speakers. It also comes with a 13.3cm subwoofer that offers a high fidelity cinema like experience with multiple connectivity options.

Talking about the sound output, it has a 40W subwoofer and 40W speakers which proves that it is the best soundbar under 5000 for tv.

You can buy it from Amazon for Rs 4699 after 61% off.

8. Itel SB505 Soundbar

Model NameSB505
Dimensions68 x 6.2 x 6.3 cm; 5.5 Kilograms
Special FeaturesSubwoofer, Radio, SD Card
Speaker Connectivity‎Micro USB
Connector Type‎Bluetooth, Auxiliary, USB
Manufacturer‎Huizhou REEKA HX TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.
Weight‎5 kg 500 g

At Rs. 4374 with 46% off on Amazon,this soundbar from Itel is available with 4.1 channel soundbar support, making the TV watching experience good.

This sound bar is paired with a 12.7Cm wired subwoofer which amplifies its sound output. This soundbar can be controlled with a remote control and this soundbar can also be connected to TV or phone with the help of Bluetooth.


Q. What is the frequency range of the Mi Soundbar?

Ans: The frequency range of Mi Soundbar is 50 Hz to 25,000Hz

Q.Which connectivity options are present in Portronics Sound Sleek II POR-936 Soundbar?

Ans: It has various connectivity options including Bluetooth, AUX and USB.


Now a days, televisions are getting thinner day by day so today no one wants to buy heavy and big looking speakers with this type of television. In such a situation, investing in a good soundbar proves to be a very good solution.

In order to have a cinematic experience inside our home, a sound bar gives us the utmost pleasure while watching our favourite shows or movies.

In this article, we have a wide variety of sound bars to choose according to our choice as each and every sound bar has its own feature.

We hope that the above given information regarding Best Soundbar Under 5000 in India will help you to choose the best soundbar for your house.

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