Best Atta Chakki Under 10000 in India

Atta Chakki Under 10000

Are you looking for an atta chakki machine that fits your budget? Here are some of the best options available in the market today.

Looking for India’s top Atta Chakki for domestic use? We’ve simplified your chore by ranking the top domestic Atta Chakki machines based on features, price, and utility. The nice part is that Amazon has all of these flour mills for sale online.

Compared to pre-made flour, homemade flour is far healthier. Because of this, individuals are turning back to the old method of manufacturing flour at home. You are losing vital vitamins & proteins that can fortify your body if you don’t make flour at home.

This is because, within the first 24 hours of milling, wheat flour loses 40% of its nutritional value and goodness, and after another 2-3 days, it loses 85 to 90%.

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What is an atta chakki?

An atta chakki is a flour mill that is used to grind whole wheat grains into flour. The atta chakki can be used to make both white and whole wheat flour, depending on the setting that it is put on. The process of grinding wheat in an atta chakki is simple and easy, and it only takes a few minutes to get the desired amount of flour.

The best atta chakki under 10000 rupees would be one that can grind wheat quickly and efficiently, without wastage. It should also have different settings for different types of flour so that you can make the exact type of flour that you need.

Best Atta Chakki Under 10000

Atta ChakkiCheck Price
Navsukh PLATINUM NP01 Atta ChakkiCurrent Price
Natraj Viva Atta ChakkiCurrent Price
MICRO ACTIVE Classic Atta ChakkiCurrent Price
Sonar Stone Atta ChakkiCurrent Price
ShreejiFine Atta ChakkiCurrent Price
STC Phoenix Atta ChakkiCurrent Price
Jaisinghani Stone Atta ChakkiCurrent Price

1.Navsukh PLATINUM NP01 Atta Chakki

Navsukh PLATINUM NP01 Atta Chakki

One of India’s top atta chakkis is this one. This flour mill, which has a 1 HP motor, 6 blades, and a stainless-steel grinder, can make up to 7 to 10 kg of whole-grain flour in less than an hour. The most effective approach to make flour from grains, soybeans, rice, popcorn, beans, and legumes is to mill them with Navsukh atta chakki (including oily soybeans, high-moisture rice, hard popcorn, etc.).

The atta chakki in this flour mill has an automatic feature that makes sure it starts grinding as soon as it detects the presence of grains in the hopper. The machine will cease grinding when it detects there are no more grains in the hopper thanks to the automatic off capability.


  • Lifetime warranty on the grinder
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • Low power consumption


  • Only 1-year warranty on motor
  • Less fine results than stone

2. Natraj Viva Atta Chakki

Natraj Viva Atta Chakki

Bring your small mill into whatever space you like. With its smooth-gliding, scratch-free nylon wheels, this fully automatic flour mill is simple to move from one area to another. The flour mill comes with 7 perforated jaalis (sieves), which are used to grind atta into various sizes. Choose the jaali that best suits your needs, and you’ll quickly receive the flour you want. Grinding is “Iron particle Free” because of the Cold Forged Steel grinding chamber. Your work is made much easier by the 4.5 kg hopper, which was designed specifically to grind a large number of grains at once. Large volumes can be ground in separate batches.


  • Easy To Operate
  • Not very noisy at all
  • Easy automatic function


  • Customer care is not up to the mark

3.MICRO ACTIVE Classic Atta Chakki

MICRO ACTIVE Classic Atta Chakki

This machine is made with premium-quality parts and cutting-edge technology. Its tough and solid structure is the reason for its flawless performance. This item, which has castor wheels, can be readily transported from one place to another and is quite portable. This eye-catching grain mill from Micro active is a strong, very effective device that is well-designed and built to last. About 5 kilograms may be ground every minute. The machine can grind a variety of grains, including corn, soybeans, rye, barley, wheat berries, and others.

The flour may heat up significantly after being released but will also cool quickly because of how quickly it acts. In some circumstances, you might want to use frozen beans.


  • Rust-proof body
  • Sturdy & durable construction
  • Low power consumption


  • Only 1-year warranty
  • A bit over-priced

4. Sonar Stone Atta Chakki

At a relatively low price, the Sonar stainless steel atta chakki offers 100% fresh flour. The flour contains all of the grain’s components, including proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and fibers. This flour mill is perfect for a large family because of its enormous 8 to 16-kilogram-per-hour grinding capability.

It can grind a wide variety of ingredients, including Rava, Urad, Dhaniya, Haldi, Daliya, Mehndi, Moong, Kali Mirch, Salt, Amla, and Bajari, Besan, Rice, Bajari, Maize, Jowar, and Coffee. Since the grinding chamber is composed of stainless steel, grinding is guaranteed to be iron-particle-free.


  • Huge grinding capacity
  • Built-in safety system
  • In-built talking system


  • Does not come with a body cover
  • No castor wheels

5. ShreejiFine Atta Chakki

Amazing Design For precise and fine grinding, a chamber with six blades is used. 8 to 12 kilograms are ground per hour. High-grade stainless steel is used to cover the bottom and top for better cleaning and hygienic purposes. Simply wipe using a cloth. All ground flour is delivered in a container that is made of high-quality stainless steel and is simple to clean. We use a conventional CI casting motor with a copper winding of 100% copper. It is an energy-efficient technology with a motor that weighs 18 to 19 kg.


  • Overloading Protection
  • Low electricity consumption
  • Child lock feature
  • Good design aspects
  • Great customer support


  • A little noisy

6. STC Phoenix Atta Chakki

STC Phoenix Atta Chakki

A strong and effective 1 horsepower motor based on German engineering powers this grain mill. The motor is built of silicon stamping and is sturdy and dynamically balanced. High-quality capacitor, heavy & highest quality ball bearings and H class copper wire guarantee smooth operation even during voltage fluctuation.

The machine has an auto on/off sensor that makes sure it won’t start unless there are grains in the upper hopper. When the grinding is finished, it will shut off by itself. The pace at which grain is fed into the grinding chamber is controlled and maintained by an automatic feeding device.


  • 10-year warranty on motor
  • Above average capacity
  • Good safety features


  • Processing is a bit slow

7. Jaisinghani Stone Atta Chakki

Jaisinghani Stone Atta Chakki

We advise investing in a stone atta chakki, like this one from Jaisinghani, if you’re seeking an economical one for your home. When you are out and about grinding your flour, this automatic atta chakki gives you a considerable deal of versatility. When compared to other similar products, the machine is incredibly small. It is reasonably priced and may prove to be very useful in your kitchen, particularly if this is your first atta chakki.

Jaisinghani is a company that prioritizes providing quality over quantity. We provide the greatest and most reasonably priced Aata Chakki Machines for Home, which are mobile, appealing, and attention-grabbing modular cabinet Flour Mills for your everyday need.


  • Affordable
  • Stone chakki
  • High power
  • Very easy to use
  • Easy to clean


  • Heavy machine
  • Little noisy


The details provided here will aid in assisting you in making a buying decision if you are considering buying a flour mill. To find the Best Atta Chakki for Home Use in India that satisfies your demands and is fashionable and durable, be sure to consider the options and factors listed above.

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