How to choose the right sound bars (Buying Guide)?

How to choose the right sound bar

Friends, today the soundbar market is growing rapidly in India. Earlier in the Indian market, the number of soundbars was very low due to the limited knowledge of the people. Earlier, people preferred to buy subwoofers, but now people’s tastes are slowly changing. Most people nowadays like wireless soundbars. But the question is, “How to choose the right sound bar?”

Due to market trends and the demand of the people, in the year 2021, many soundbars were launched in India. In the Indian market, soundbars from these companies, like Soundcore, Intel, Xiaomi, Panasonic, Realme,  Yamaha, and Boat, are available.

Today, this article will give you information that will help you choose the suitable soundbar for yourself.

Often, the fun gets spoiled due to the sound quality while watching a movie, music, or any show on TV. Although there are constant efforts by skin manufacturers to improve the in-built speakers, they are still not able to deliver the strong sound quality that is available from a soundbar.

How to choose the right sound bar?

The most important thing about a soundbar is the sound. Thin TVs only have room for woofer-thin speakers, which are fine for a small speaker cell phone or tablet, but today’s 4K HDR TVs need a decent sound bar for powerful audio.

There are a lot of sound bars on the market nowadays, and each one has a different quality.

So while buying a sound bar, there are some features you need to pay attention to.

The following details will be able to solve your question, “How do I choose the right soundbar?”

There are six things to be considered when buying the best soundbar for yourself, and they are:-

  1. Where would you put it?
  2. What size sound bar should you get?
  3. How many soundbar channels are there?
  4. Active or passive soundbar?
  5. Connectivity

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How do you control the sound bar?

For soundbars, when it comes to installation, the following questions arise:-

Where would you put it?

Where do you want to place your sound bar? Are you hanging it on the wall or placing it on the table?

Where do you put your TV, and how much space is there around the TV?

The specialty of all soundbars is that they can be hung on the wall or placed above or below the TV. It is very easy to set up the right one for all sound bars.

Be it the TV table or credit, you can place the soundbar on the same table directly under the screen. Just make sure there is enough space under the TV and table.

Be sure to check the sound bar specs and measure the area before you buy. If there is a wall-mounted TV, then you should mount the soundbar directly to the wall below it.

What size sound bar should you get?

Technically, a sound bar can be paired with a TV of any size. But for the aesthetics of the house, the width of the sound bar does not exceed that of the TV. It’s best if the TV and soundbar are both roughly the same width.

How many soundbar channels are there?

Normally, soundbars have at least three channels up front—left, center, and right—and come with a subwoofer. The most important channel is the central channel, as this is where the TV and film mixers put the dialogue.

You should choose a sound bar with three or more channels.

Active or passive soundbar, which one should I choose?

Friends, if you want to upgrade your TV’s audio easily and if you are trying to save space, then you should have an active soundbar. So, buy an active soundbar only.

Passive soundbars are better suited for custom installation.

Passive soundbars do not have a built-in power amp, so a separate receiver or amplifier is required. Passive soundbars will cost you a bit more and add more components.

The active soundbar comes with built-in amplifiers. It contains the channel processor that separates the left, right and center speakers in the soundbar. It does not require any additional equipment and takes less wire.


Today’s latest soundbars come with a variety of connectivity options, like HDMI ARC, wireless connectivity, Bluetooth, an optical port, Wi-Fi, USB input, etc.

The connectivity of a TV with a soundbar is very important.

If your TV is 8 years old or older, then make sure that the TV has the correct connectivity to connect to the new sound bar.

Most soundbars come with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled, so you can easily stream music from any mobile device, computer, or tablet. To control your sound bar, make it stereo and check its HDMI switching. This allows you to easily switch audio sources without routing HDMI cables again.

How do I control the sound bar?

For this, the remote control has to be used. The sound bar comes with remote control only. If you want, you can also work with the soundbar from your TV’s remote. With the help of a single remote, you can control everything.

 Friends, there are many soundbars out there where you may find the answer toHow to choose the right sound bar?”

For example, the iBall Sound Bar BT10, the BoAt AVANTE Bar Soundbar, the Zeb-Juke Bar, the Itel Soundbar, etc.

FAQ based on How to choose the right sound bar?

Can I add a subwoofer to the sound bar?

Many wireless sound bars come with a wireless subwoofer. Those that don’t usually port woofers can add their own if they want in order to experience more immersive. 

If I have a sound bar, is a receiver needed?

No, if you buy an active sound bar, you do not need a separate receiver; one may be required if you buy a passive sound bar.

What is “Cinema Sound”?

Most sound bars have a feature called “Cinema So which mimics real home theater sound. There is some digital delay involved in this. For this, some extra payments will have to be made.

What are Dolby Atmos soundbars?

Some new sound bars nowadays come with Dolby Atmos technology, which makes the audio loud enough to experience the surround sound effect.


For a cinematic feel indoors, a sound bar gives immense pleasure while watching favorite shows or movies. Some sound bars these days even come with a free mobile app so that you can operate your device through your phone or tablet.

Nowadays, televisions are getting thinner day by day. With this type of television, no one likes heavy and big-looking speakers nowadays. That’s why you should invest money in buying the right soundbar.

We hope that the above information about soundbars will help you find the solution to your question, “How to choose the right sound bar?”

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